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Cost of Living in Nebraska

Ogallala, Nebraska is a great place to work, play and stay! Learn more about the advantages to living in a state with a clean environment, low cost of living, great employment opportunities, diversity of community sizes, exceptional education, low crime rates, and abundant recreational activities.


Ogallala's electric service is provided by Nebraska Public Power District. For further information regarding electric rates and service contact (877) ASK-NPPD or (877) 275-6773. Natural gas is supplied to the community by SourceGas. LP gas and oil are available for residential and commercial uses. For more information please call 1-800-563-0012.

The city's municipal water system is supplied by seven wells and groundwater is available for industrial use. The quality of water in Ogallala does not necessitate a water treatment plant. Ogallala has a municipal sanitary sewerage system and a storm sewer system. Privately owned and operated waste removal services are available.


Qwest Communications provides telecommunications services to the Ogallala area with a digital central office served by T-carrier and fiber. Local internet service is provided by Community Internet, phone 1-800-332-2826;, phone 1-888-565-5422; and Charter Pipeline, phone 308-284-3807. Ogallala's post office provides house-to-house delivery and has one mail receipt and two dispatches daily. Package delivery services are provided by United Parcel ServiceFederal Express,DHL. Intrastate and Interstate trucking is also available to Ogallala's citizens.

The Keith County News, covering local and area news, is published twice weekly and complements the daily newspapers available. Ogallala has three radio stations, and KNOP-TV, a North Platte television station, carries news of interest to the local area. Charter Digital provides cable television service to the area with nearly 50 channels.


Ogallala is served by a main line of the Union Pacific Railroad. Interstate 80, located within the city limits, provides easy access to area communities and metropolitan cities. U.S. Highways 30 (east-west) and 26 (northwest) as well as Nebraska Highway 61 (north-south) intersect in Ogallala. Interstate I-76 is 26 miles west of Ogallala. Greyhound Bus Lines provides daily service to Ogallala with both westbound and eastbound buses. Bus charter service is also available. Ogallala's municipal air field has two paved and lighted runways and is only 50 miles from the North Platte Regional Airport with three paved and lighted runways.

The Ogallala Transit System, provided by the city of Ogallala, is available at a cost of $1.50 each way inside corporate limits.

Labor Force

The Keith County area has a diverse work force. High quality, educated and motivated labor is available and affordable for business needs in the Ogallala/Keith County area.

Area Demographics

Ogallala's mean temperature in January is 23.2 degrees while it is 75.6 degrees in July. The average annual rainfall is 17.58 inches and snowfall of 35.35 inches. With an elevation of 3,250 feet there is little humidity and all of Keith County is located in the Mountain Time Zone.

Keith County, with a population of nearly 9,000, consists of five townships and has a commission form of government. The primary revenue sources include property tax, state support, local fees, cash, and other sources. The city of Ogallala, population approximately 5,000, has a council/city manager form of government with primary revenue sources of property tax, sales tax, utilities, and other sources.

Economic Development