Snow Route Stages

Stage 1 Routes- Major Arterial and Downtown

 Street                                 From                                   To

 Highway 30                         West City limits                   East City limits

East A                                    Highway 30                          8th

East 8th                                 East A                                     Spruce

Spruce                                   Highway 26/61                     Railroad

Highway 61                           Highway 30                           South City limits

West A                                   Railroad                                5th

East B                                    Railroad                                5th

2nd                                          East D                                   West A

3rd                                           East B                                   West A          

4th                                           East B                                   West A

5th                                           East B                                   West A

 Stage 2 Routes –Minor Arterials and Schools

 Street                                  From                                   To

 West 5th                                 Westlawn                              West H

West H                                   5th                                           4th

West C                                   3rd                                           2nd

West 2nd                                West C                                   West B

West 3rd                                 West C                                   West B

West B                                   5th                                           7th

West 7th                                 West B                                   West A

West A                                   7th                                           5th

West O                                   5th                                           Highway 30

East 7th                                  East A                                    East B

East B                                    7th                                           5th

East C                                    East 2nd                                 East 4th

East 6th                                  East A                                    East B

East 3rd                                  East C                                    East D

East D                                    10th                                         Highway 30

East 6th                                  East D                                    East G           

East G                                    6th                                           Student

East O                                    11th                                         6th  

 Stage 3 Routes – Major Collector

 Street                                  From                                   To

 West 5th                                 West A                                   County Rd. West A

West H                                   10th                                         Highway 30

East G                                    Valley View                            Highway 30                           

East J                                     Highland                                 Highway 30

10th                                         West H                                   East D

East 4th                                  East B                                    East O

East O                                    East 6th                                  Highway 30

South Spruce                        Riverdale Dr.                          River Road

River Road                            South Spruce                         Highway 61

 Stage 4 Routes - Minor Collector

 Street                                  From                                  To

 West K                                   10th                                         5th

West 10th                               West K                                   West H

West E                                   10th                                         Highway 30

East 11th                                East I                                      East O

East I                                      11th                                         Highland

East H                                     Highland                                6th

East 6th                                  East G                                    East O

 Stage 5 Routes - All other streets in Ogallala


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